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Relief Fund
DRC 2018 Project

This ongoing fund allows the DRC to respond to Dom communities in emergency situations. The fund has been used to assist communities and individuals in crises such as floods, food and clothing needs in times of war, situations where people are exposed to nature and are in need of winter blankets, as well as repairing critical home infrastructure. In June of this year, relief funds were used to assist the Dom community in Gaza. Members of that community have suffered tramatic injuries because of the on-going war there. The funds were used to purchase medicines, as well as food for the community.

The DRC Relief Project budget:
Food Relief, $5,000
Clean drinking water, $3,000
Other Relief, $2,000

Make a donation to the DRC 2018 Relief Project.

Domari Society Community Center
DRC 2018 Project

The DRC played a significant role in the establishment of the Domari Society of Jerusalem in 2000, and has continued to be a primary financial supporter. The DRC Board of Directors adopted a $29,600 support project for the Domari Society in 2018.

Mrs Jane Toppert will serve as the DRC program manager relating to the Domari Center's sewing program. Mrs. Toppert will advise Ms Sleem regarding production of items made by Dom women, and she will seek outlets in the US for those items.

In May the DRC will deliver Kindles to the Center to begin an electronic library that will be a resource for the children to use as they learn a new language. This will make it possible for the Center to regularly update its library without the expense of shipping books.

The DRC project budget for the Domari Center includes:
Rent for the Center, $1,300 per month
Furnishing, supplies and operating expenses, $3,000
Sewing program support, $1,000
After-school Tutoring program, $10,000

Make a donation to the DRC 2018 Domari Society Project.

Support the Work of the DRC

The Dom Research Center engages with Dom community leaders to address the pressing needs they have identified, and to bring about positive change in the lives of individuals and the community. Donations to the DRC operating fund support our director, communications, office expenses, and on-site expenses for planning, accountability, and evaluation of projects.

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to the Dom Research Center and become a part of this vital work.

Send your contribution to:
Dom Research Center
P.O. Box 121
McComb, MS 39649

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